Elite Mindset for Property Success 8-Week Coaching Programme


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Want to take your property investing business to the next level?

Are you struggling to take your property investing business to the next level? Perhaps you’ve undertaken some property training but are still not getting the most fruitful results?

The Elite Mindset for Property Success 8-Week Coaching Programme is a supportive community, connecting and helping property investors through the power of mentoring, coaching, masterminding and industry’s best practices to learn, practice and sustain the success mindset.

Hosted by property expert and trainer, Vik Singh, this exclusive 8-week coaching programme will reveal the Elite Mindset Blueprint along with a wealth of knowledge to help you improve your mindset, disciplines and habits to enhance your property investing.

What you will learn on the Elite Mindset for Property Success Coaching Programme

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Free Seminar

The free seminar is your introduction to investing in property safely and securely. Our experienced faculty will teach you the basics of buy-to-let, HMOs, and much more…

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3 Day Course

Attend a 3-Day Training to take your property investing portfolio to the next level. We’ll give you the confidence and knowledge to build a strategy that works for you and tach you how to avoid the common pitfalls and risks.

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2 Year Course

Our 2-Year Course will take you from property novice to expert. Get the training, support and knowledge you need to grow your portfolio and business exponentially.

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What other students have said

Samantha Colwill

January 30, 2019

The course has flipped everything I thought I knew about creating financial stability and wealth. Invaluable education. Thank You.

Janet and Mark, Fielding Financial Students

We used to work long hours, living from pay check to pay check, but now we have a portfolio of property that has enabled us to quit our jobs – providing more free time to do the things that we love to do. 

Marie Waller & Andrew Gilbert

We feel very happy with our mentorship and have 100% confidence that we will succeed. We have enjoyed ourselves and have met and got to know an amazing mentor.

Joseph Agy

 I just want to thank everyone in the family for playing a part in creating such an amazing platform to help and inspire each other. You guys have given me the privilege to join the family, gain knowledge and soon enough join the property ladder with core support. 

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