Do you want to get your property investing journey started and into top gear immediately?

Do you want to be financially free whilst also making great homes for people? Do you want a property coach will guide you and support you from day one?

Do you want to learn from people who know what they are talking about – who actually invest day in day out, people who have been trained by Gill Fielding the most established and renowned property educator in the UK and by a company who have been delivering training for over 12 years – and not 12 minutes like some of the “pop up” educators the industry is burdened with?

Are you committed to work hand in hand with an experienced property coach for 6 months in return for a clear property strategy and hopefully your first deal done?

We know that serious property coaching isn’t for everyone even if it is sorely needed. While we would love to help everyone, we know that those who are genuinely hungry to progress in their lives, careers or businesses will get the most out of it. We must make sure that you are right, ready to be coached and that we understand your unique aspirations, passions, strengths, and challenges to ensure we get you started on the best, tailored coaching development program.

Course Contents

1Month 1

Receive your “bumper” welcome coaching pack and programme outline. Complete your aspirational goal map and profile document and from there, we will carefully match your with one of our coaches.

Your matched coach will go live with you for an hour to talk about your goals, potential property strategy and agree the plan for the next 6 months. They will create a tailor-made programme of advised online learning* which should be undertaken in bite sized chunks. Your coach will help you prioritise the learning to fulfil your strategy and direction.

At this time, you will also be automatically enrolled into the Fielding Financial Learning academy. The academy will give you an enormous amount of free accredited and professional resources, education and most importantly support. We will support and nurture you whether you like it or not!

2Month 2 & 3

During your live sessions with your coach, they will review your learning to date and answer any questions. At this point they will also introduce you to our expert panel of brokers, accountants, and insurance specialists.

Months 2 & 3 will also see you start to expand and then really refine your strategy to ensure the up-and-coming viewings are tailored to your goals.

They will also teach you the maths and science behind getting this right first time and every time!

4Month 4

What area are you going to focus on, what data is driving your decision, how do you find the right property and the right tenant? This month it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get practical.

5Month 5

You are ready to hit the road. Your coach will help you prepare for property viewings, crunching the numbers, checking the due diligence and yes coaching you to be able to put in offers – if it’s the right property!

6Month 6

Wow what a ride. Let’s recap, let’s review our goal map, did we buy our first property, what are the next steps – how do we keep building. You will come away with a completed future plan and a clear strategy.

Don’t forget to fill in your feedback form and pick up your certificate!

Well done you are now a property investor, and you are providing good quality housing, you are a brilliant landlord, and you are making money and becoming financially free!

All of our experienced property coaches began their own journeys being coached – so they are well placed to guide you through your next steps.


Lizzie Grant

Lizzie started investing in property when she realised that she was facing a future trying to live on a State Pension. Having already bought a buy to let investment with no property education, knowledge or strategy she found herself worse off than before. Then she met Gill Fielding, embarked on the training to become a Professional Property Investor with Fielding Financial and was financially free within one year. Her portfolio of properties in the South and North of England has provided her with financial security and also a whole new family of like-minded people.

Lizzie has been a Property Coach on many 3 day events and for the last three years has been a Seminar speaker, and loves meeting new potential investors and sharing her property investing journey with them.

Michal Kuziorowicz

Born in Poland, I moved to the UK 19 years ago not speaking a word of English and working at a car wash to earn a living. I then moved into the world of construction where I gained a wealth of experience (very helpful for property investing!). After 10 years in construction, I combined my work with a passion of mine and started to work at a climbing wall in London as a route setter and coach. However, after many years of being in the Rat Race and a particularly bad day at work, I decided I needed change, and this is where it all began.

Whilst on the tube on the way home, I stumbled across an advert in the Metro for one of Fielding Financial’s free property investing seminars. Fuelled by my desire for change, I signed myself up and the rest is history! I began my advanced training with Fielding Financial at the start of 2017 and I have quickly seen how property can change your life in so many ways.

My business partner and I created Headway Property Investments Ltd in 2017 and after a number of hurdles, we purchased our first property in November of 2018. In a little over 2 years since our first purchase, whilst still working at the climbing wall, I have achieved financial freedom and in April 2021 left my job to become a full-time property investor. I specialise in high-end HMOs and co-living spaces: our portfolio consists of HMOs for professionals and BTLs across the UK from London to Yorkshire. I am passionate about providing high-quality accommodation and improving the reputation of landlords in the UK, with a vision to being one of the leading providers of high-quality accommodation in the UK.

Not only am I passionate about property investing, but I love meeting and helping people, which is why I was honoured and excited to be invited to be a part of the mentorship team. Having been a climbing coach for a number of years, I know how to bring the best out in others; I love seeing the progression people can make with a little nudge to do things outside of their comfort zones.

As your coach I can help you to not only buy a property, whether it be your first Buy to Let, or a HMO, but also help you to do things you wouldn’t ordinarily and develop personally. I’m passionate about showing people how to improve their confidence and that anything is possible if you break it down into small actions – it’s all about the correct mindset. I’m here to help you on your own journey to financial freedom so that you can spend your time doing the things you love. With an eye for detail and plenty of experience from the construction world, I can help you to pick out properties with great building and extending potential.

I’m here to hold your hand in your property journey, take you outside of your comfort zone and achieve incredible things, both from a property point of view, but also from a personal development point of view. Let’s go!