Know you should be investing your money in a rental property, but not sure where to start?

Purchasing a buy-to-let is a sound investment which will generate you both an income, as well as capital uplift over time, but it can be daunting to take your first steps if you don’t know exactly where you should be investing your money, or your roles and responsibilities as a landlord.

Not to worry, you’re in safe hands. At Fielding Financial, we’ve helped over 12,000 take their first steps into property investment, through our award-winning training, delivered by the UK’s leading authorities in property investment.

Our NEW 6-week live online training will walk you through everything you need to know to purchase, tenant and manage your first buy-to-let investment property. From finding a suitable property that will generate you a good return, through to finding a tenant and ensuring you comply with the important rules and regulations.

Tune in every week to a 1-2 hour Zoom call and Q&A session, hosted by industry expert Gill Fielding. Receive a welcome pack and workbook in the post to aid your studies and chat with fellow students and our industry experts in our private  Facebook group.

The next course will be starting on Wednesday 19th January 2022 and will be taking place every Wednesday for 6 weeks at 7pm GMT. Limited spaces are available, so book your place now!

Course Contents

1Week 1 – Buy-to-Let Basics

To kick-start the training, in week 1 you will explore the benefits of buy-to-lets and how they can support you and your family by generating an additional source of income. You will also learn about the basic economics of demand and supply and understand how to calculate the demand in your local area.

2Week 2 – Sourcing a Buy-to-Let

During week 2, we will talk through how to decide where to invest and the key factors to look for then choosing an area to purchase your first buy-to-let property.

3Week 3 – Evaluating a Property

Week 3 is all about the numbers, so that you know – to the penny – which is the best investment for you. During this session, you will learn how to work out your cashflow and return on investment, so you are able to confidently offer on an investment property.

4Week 4 – Funding your Investments

Week 4 is all about the money! You will learn how to fund your purchase, where to find funding and what fund providers are looking for, as well as how your return-on-investment changes depending on your finance product.

5Week 5 – Property Viewings, Finding and Managing Tenants

Now you know how to work out the numbers and fund your investment, it’s time to view some properties! In week 5 you will learn about the common pitfalls to be aware of when attending a property viewing, as well as how to find a tenant and all of the rules and regulations you need to know to keep them safe.

6Week 6 – Top Tips and Scaling Up

Congratulations! You now know everything you need to know to buy your first investment property! To conclude the 6-week course, we will be sharing our top tips, including:

  • The basic legal issues of tenancy and eviction
  • How to invest from a distance
  • Legal structures and ownership
  • Basic tax and accounting
  • The basics of refurbishment, plus much more!

The 6-week live online training course will be hosted by one of the UK’s leading authorities on personal finance and property investment, Gill Fielding.

Gill is a self-made millionaire with a no-nonsense, positive approach to finance and a personal mission to educate the nation in managing and improving their own financial position. She strongly believes that financial education should be taught in schools to safeguard people’s financial future.

Gill is a qualified Chartered Accountant, runs several businesses and has held several high-profile roles in the city.

Gill is well-known for her appearance on Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire where she gave away nearly £250,000 to good causes. She has also been a Celebrity Egghead (BBC2); a guest at Hotel GB (Channel 4) and a business expert on The Apprentice – You’re Fired show (BBC2).

Gill is currently a financial expert for a monthly phone-in show on BBC Radio and has also contributed to ITN and Channel 4’s election coverage. She makes regular appearances as a financial commentator for the BBC. ITV and CNBC channels as well as appearing in many other tv shows.

In 2009 Gill co-founded, and now owns, Fielding Financial which she set up in order to help anyone and everyone achieve what she describes as ‘financial freedom’.

She has also written a number of books that are practical hands-on guides to wealth creation, and a DVD entitled Riches, where she shares her Seven Secrets of Wealth and aims to help people transform their lives.