Learn to be a professional property investor in just 7 weeks with our LIVE online fast-track training, delivered by property expert, Gill Fielding!

In just 7 weeks you will learn the key strategies and techniques you need to start successfully investing in property and generate fantastic returns, whilst maximising any existing assets.

If you want to get the correct education and knowledge, but also want to take action quickly, this course is perfect for you and will help fast-track your success.

During the course you will have the opportunity to meet like-minded success hungry individuals who are all passionate about achieving their goals and living a life of freedom and choice.

Course Contents

1Week 1: Understanding the market 

Before you start investing in property, it is important to know and understand how the property market moves and what affects house prices. You will also learn what strategy to adopt in each cycle of the market to achieve the best results.

2Week 2: Identifying the best income property 

In week 2, you will start to learn about income-generating properties and where to find them. By the end of the week, you will be able to easily identify and evaluate the best-performing property and remove the emotion from each purchase.

3Week 3: Discovering the personal strategy 

Discover how you can control your own financial future with a solid plan and create a sustainable and solid property portfolio to achieve financial freedom.

4Week 4: Rock around the cash clock

Finding the right financing options for your investment property will affect your return on cash invested and much more. In week 4, you will learn how to maximise your chances of getting lending and discover 12 ways of raising funds to finance your investment properties, that don’t include a mortgage.

5Week 5: Identifying the best property for capital gain

Another important strategy to grow your portfolio is capital strategies. To ensure you invest safely and securely, it is important to understand how the market moves up and down. Gill will also be sharing the 7 secrets as to why a property might go up in value more than the national average.

6Week 6: Setting your Strategy 

Now you know the basics of investing and generating an income, in week 6 you will learn how to adapt your generic strategy to fit your personal circumstances to create financial immunity for you and your family.

7Week 7: Fears and Fixes

You’re nearly ready to become a professional property investor! In week 7 we will share the major fears you will face as an investor and what you can do to overcome those challenges. We will also help you identify your next steps to move forward and how you can get support to boost the results on your journey.

This 7-week live online training course will be hosted by one of the UK’s leading authorities on personal finance and property investment, Gill Fielding.

Gill is a self-made millionaire with a no-nonsense, positive approach to finance and a personal mission to educate the nation in managing and improving their own financial position. She strongly believes that financial education should be taught in schools to safeguard people’s financial future.

Gill is a qualified Chartered Accountant, runs several businesses and has held several high-profile roles in the city.

Gill is well-known for her appearance on Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire where she gave away nearly £250,000 to good causes. She has also been a Celebrity Egghead (BBC2); a guest at Hotel GB (Channel 4) and a business expert on The Apprentice – You’re Fired show (BBC2).

Gill is currently a financial expert for a monthly phone-in show on BBC Radio and has also contributed to ITN and Channel 4’s election coverage. She makes regular appearances as a financial commentator for the BBC. ITV and CNBC channels as well as appearing in many other tv shows.

In 2009 Gill co-founded, and now owns, Fielding Financial which she set up in order to help anyone and everyone achieve what she describes as ‘financial freedom’.

She has also written a number of books that are practical hands-on guides to wealth creation, and a DVD entitled Riches, where she shares her Seven Secrets of Wealth and aims to help people transform their lives.