Gill’s Ultimate Mastermind


Build a brighter financial future with Gill Fielding – YES with Gill herself!

If you are looking to rapidly accelerate your wealth creation journey or scale your existing investments then this could a game changer for you. Hosted by Gill Fielding this ‘Master’ of all Mastermind groups gives you the opportunity to work directly with Gill, and fellow students to grow your business and fast-track your success.

Gill’s Ultimate Mastermind Start Date: March 2024

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If you are looking to build a brighter, more financially secure future then joining Gill’s 6-Month Ultimate “Master” of all Mastermind Groups could be the best financial decision you have ever made.

Hosted by one of the UK’s Leading Authorities on Personal Finance and Property Investment, Self-Made Millionaire Gill Fielding, you will get an insight to her own wealth building strategies which will help you rapidly accelerate your wealth journey through property investing plus you will get her priceless support and knowledge throughout the 6 months.

As part of an exclusive small mastermind group, you will work directly with Gill, her experts, and fellow likeminded masterminders to grow your wealth and fast-track your success.

With only 6 places available you will be joining a small select cohort of like-minded individuals who will be meeting twice a month via zoom where Gill will be giving you her personal attention and support. Don’t miss out and join Gills Ultimate Mastermind Group today!

Gill’s Ultimate Mastermind Start Date: March 2024

What’s Included in the Mastermind?

Each month, you get access to the following:

  • 2 hour Zoom Meeting Hosted by Gill Fielding
    Once a month the mastermind group will get together to share their knowledge and experiences. Benefit from the combined experiences and wisdom of Gill and the rest of the group to help with any of your specific investing issues or goals you want to achieve.
  • 2 hour Zoom Meeting Hosted by Gill Fielding with Guest Expert
    Gill will be sharing her close team of experts with the group, inviting one to join once a month to share their knowledge. This is a great opportunity to learn from some of the UK’s leading wealth experts and investors who will share their different strategies and approaches to investing.

Plus, you get:

  • Monthly Hot Seat – Every month during Gill’s zoom meeting you get your chance to share your experiences and discuss your goals with the rest of the group.
  • WhatsApp Group – You will receive access to Gill’s private WhatsApp group for you to network and get feedback on all your deals.
  • Accountability – Along with the monthly accountability you get as part of your time in the hotseat, on joining you will also be matched up with an accountability buddy to help you keep on track and to share the journey with.
  • Access to our Experts – Every month join our expert Zoom meeting and learn new strategies with plenty of time to ask those all-important questions.
  • Mastermind Portfolio – Receive a bespoke journal packed with all the information you need to make a success of this group including goal tracking pages and dates for your diary.


3 reasons why joining Gill’s Ultimate Mastermind Group could be your best financial decision ever!

  1. Unprecedent access to Gill Fielding
    This is the first time Gill has ever hosted an intimate group of like-minded investors. Gill will be sharing her wealth of knowledge with you and will give you her input and viewpoint on anything you share within the zoom meetings.
  2. Find solutions for your challenges
    Our group will bring different backgrounds and perspective to the table, all will have faced and overcome challenges during their own property investing journey. This combined expertise means you will leave each Zoom session with a host of new ideas to grow your property business.
  3. Accountability for your goals
    It is no coincidence that people who share their goals are more likely to achieve them. When you sign up to our Mastermind group you will get introduced to another group member who will be your Accountability Buddy. Together you will make sure each other are making progress towards your goals.

With only 6 places available you will need to act fast to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to work with Gill every month for the next 6 months – sign up today.


What our Masterminders Say…

“I joined Gill’s inaugural mastermind group in early 2021 without having a clear sense in my mind as to what I wanted to do on the property side. In short, I was lacking a clear direction and strategy and needed to “fall in love again” with property rather than finding it a burden. My journey was then about a gradual building of confidence and inspiration gained as a result of the close interaction and support from Gill, her experts, and the other members of the mastermind group. The result being that I ended up making, and then having accepted, offers on 2-3 properties that are now in course of being finalised. I could not have done that without that mentorship. For anyone who feels either their mojo has gone, they need that boost of gumption, the need for (uncompetitive) support of others, and generally to get them back on track, then I thoroughly recommend this. Even for those of you who are not sure that property is even right for you then this mentorship can help you find your way no matter what that is. There is no wrong answer. . there is only you. . and this journey will help you find “you”. . go for it!”Steve

“I signed up to Gill’s Mastermind sessions to be part of a high quality group that would hold me accountable and continue to push me to achieve my property goals. I started the sessions unsure of whether I was doing all the right things and by the end of 6 months, I left the group with a good momentum and much increased confidence. Not only that but I have also found myself an accountability partner with whom I speak weekly to keep on track and constantly moving forward. Thank you, Gill.”Kristina

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3 Day Course

Attend a 3-Day Training to take your property investing portfolio to the next level. We’ll give you the confidence and knowledge to build a strategy that works for you and tach you how to avoid the common pitfalls and risks.

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2 Year Course

Our 2-Year Course will take you from property novice to expert. Get the training, support and knowledge you need to grow your portfolio and business exponentially.

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What other students have said

Asha Sarasia

January 30, 2019

Excited, a little nervous at the same time but I have loved talking to those that I have met along the way. Everyone seems to be so helpful. 

Tania Carson

“Since taking the course I have found my wonderful business partner Pam, my super fantastic property pals Nick and Phil… a mastermind group of amazing investor friends and so much more! All of us are financially free and all of us did our training with Fielding!”

Gavin Mitchell

It’s tremendous. Joining has changed my life, it’s changed my attitudes, my focus, temperament, outlook, my connections, my social activities and my beliefs (about property). 

Janet and Mark, Fielding Financial Students

We used to work long hours, living from pay check to pay check, but now we have a portfolio of property that has enabled us to quit our jobs – providing more free time to do the things that we love to do. 

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