Private Mentorship with Gill Fielding


Want to work with Gill on an exclusive one-to-one basis? We are delighted to have opened up a few limited spaces for a Private 8-Month Strategic Mentorship with Gill.

If you are looking to rapidly accelerate your wealth creation journey, then this mentorship could a game changer for you.

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Want to work directly with Gill on a one-to-one basis?

Gill is offering the opportunity for a few lucky individuals to enrol onto her strategic 8-month mentorship for just £8,000! She normally only conducts a few special bespoke mentorships each year, where investors pay in excess of £50,000 for her expertise and leading insight.

During the 8-month strategic mentorship Gill will scrutinise all aspects of your wealth and financial life, tailoring each mentorship depending on your financial life and what you want to achieve.

Here’s a breakdown of how your mentorship will work:

Session One: Discovery

Your strategic mentorship commences with an online meeting with Gill for half a day to review your current position. She will take this opportunity to review your finances, cash flows, portfolios and businesses.

After this online meeting Gill will give you clarification of your objectives and create a plan for the next 8 months setting actions for you to attain your goals.

Session Two to Seven: Coaching

Each month Gill will connect with you through a monthly arranged coaching zoom video call where she will go through your plans and objectives and tasks.

These live online calls are a great opportunity to review your achievements so far and help you refocus on your overall goals.

Session Eight: The Future

The mentorship comes to a close with a half day face to face or online meeting with Gill, reviewing achievements to date and creating a future financial plan tailored to your requirements.

In addition to these sessions Gill will also be available to answer emails and make connections, after each session Gill will also provide you with a report and summary.


What our Mentees Say…

“Gill Fielding is one of those rare special people who makes the difference in the world for the better and her mentorship is no different, she has tons of life experience, not only in property, but also in business creation and growth. The most important question when choosing a mentor is “Has the mentor actually done what I want to do?” And Gill has plenty of real life experience and she can pass it to anyone who engages on her mentoring program. She has helped me to grow my business 2X in a matter of few months from starting the mentoring program, and I’m very confident that it is just the start, a lot more growth and success to come. I highly recommend Gill’s mentoring program to anyone who has the drive to go through the exciting life of owning a business.” – Miro

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What other students have said

Ainsley John

September 29, 2020

My “why” is the main thing that keeps me motivated and on track to securing my financial freedom. The Fielding Financial family along with my mentor most definitely keep me on track and accountable to my goal.

Costantina Bardis

I Joined Fielding Financial in 2017 it has been an amazing journey, I buddied up with my business partner working on Serviced Accommodation (Airbnb holiday lets) where we managed to get all our strategies in place from property flips, buy to lets to holiday lets.

Samantha Colwill

January 30, 2019

The course has flipped everything I thought I knew about creating financial stability and wealth. Invaluable education. Thank You.

Jo Akhgar

January 15, 2019

Fielding Financial changed my life. A lot of people say that line as a sweeping statement but if I think back on what mine and my husband’s life was like three years ago compared to what it is now I can hardly believe it.

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