The Ultimate Serviced Accommodation Mastermind

£199.00 / month for 6 months

The “Master” of all Serviced Accommodation Mastermind groups, this is a 6-month mastermind programme for those looking to rapidly accelerate their SA property journey or scale their existing business.

As part of an exclusive small mastermind group, you will work directly with Chris and Maria Harvey, their experts, and fellow likeminded SA heroes to grow your business and fast-track your success.

Save 15% when you pay in full – click here to learn more.

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Are you looking to get your Serviced Accommodation business off the ground?

Or quickly incorporate this strategy into your existing portfolio?

It’s been widely reported that UK Staycations will be booming this year and bookings are well above the previous years. If you are looking to fast-track your Serviced Accommodation business to take advantage of this boom, then our Mastermind Group could just be your ticket to success.

Serviced Accommodation has taken the UK property investing market by storm because of its high returns on investment through consistent streams of income and easy-to manage nature. Navigating this as an inexperienced investor can be challenging and time consuming on your own, which is why joining a group of like-minded individuals, all on the same journey is so powerful and rewarding.

Save 15% when you pay in full – click here to learn more.

Advantages of joining our Mastermind Group:

  • Get six months plus ongoing mentorship, accountability and guidance
  • Grow your Serviced Accommodation business in months, rather than years
  • Meet twice monthly via zoom
  • Share your plans, challenges, and successes
  • Plan, take action and implement
  • Set targets and prepare to be accountable to the Group
  • Participate and share in our closed Facebook Group

About our Mastermind Hosts:

Chris & Maria Harvey’s first step into the world of investing came in 1987 as accidental landlords…fast forward 30 years and they now have a thriving portfolio including Serviced Accommodation, BTL’s, HMO’s and Student Housing.

“Are you prepared to put in the work, willing to step out of your comfort zone and do the actions required to achieve your Serviced Accommodation goals? If the answer is yes then we will be there to support you, keep you focussed and hold you accountable to help you bring your Serviced Accommodation Goals to life” Chris & Maria Harvey

Every month you get:

  • 1 x 2 hour Zoom Meetings with your Mastermind Hosts Chris & Maria Harvey
  • 1 x 2 hour Zoom Meeting with Chris & Maria plus monthly guest expert
  • Private closed Facebook Group
  • Goal Tracking
  • Accountability Buddy
  • Access to Experts

Some of the Key benefits of Serviced Accommodation as a strategy:

Increased Demand – As well as the popularity of a staycation due to the coronavirus, another key reason for this increase in demand is that businesses are looking to reduce their expenditure on hotel stays for their employees.

Good Rental Returns – Serviced Accommodation can be higher than other rental options. For example, a serviced apartment can offer investors a return of 10% while other types of residential property may be at 5%.

Tax Benefits – Serviced apartments can meet the criteria of a Furnished Holiday Let which are normally more tax advantageous.

Growing Sector – Until relatively recently there have been few alternatives to hotels for business or leisure travellers seeking longer‐term accommodation in the UK. With more high end alternatives available this has increased the number of people considering Serviced Accommodation as a rental option.

Are you ready to unlock the possibilities of the serviced accommodation? Book your place on the Ultimate Serviced Accommodation Mastermind today!

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What other students have said

Costantina Bardis

September 29, 2020

I Joined Fielding Financial in 2017 it has been an amazing journey, I buddied up with my business partner working on Serviced Accommodation (Airbnb holiday lets) where we managed to get all our strategies in place from property flips, buy to lets to holiday lets.

Tania Carson

January 30, 2019

“Since taking the course I have found my wonderful business partner Pam, my super fantastic property pals Nick and Phil… a mastermind group of amazing investor friends and so much more! All of us are financially free and all of us did our training with Fielding!”

Asha Sarasia

Excited, a little nervous at the same time but I have loved talking to those that I have met along the way. Everyone seems to be so helpful. 

Eranga Gunawardena

Through a consistent approach of taking action Ruwani and I have managed to jump out of our Hamster Wheels and follow our passions.

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