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Pension rules changed in April 2015…

Are you ready for the biggest opportunity in your lifetime to take control of your own financial future?

It’s not often the government present an immediate opportunity for you to take control of your own wealth creation. From April 2015 you no longer need to rely on the banks and other financial institutions - with their own self interests - to provide you with the income you need when you stop working.

The pensions overhaul which came into force in April 2015 will allow savers aged 55 and above to withdraw some or all of their pension pot as a lump sum instead of being forced to take the increasingly poor incomes provided by an annuity.

For someone who has saved up a pension pot of £200,000 a typical annuity will give them an income of £9,400 per year which is £784 per month to live on.

How much is your pension pot?

Could you live on £784 per month when you give up work?

Let’s say you want to be able to live in a standard mortgage free 3 bedroom home for 25 years of retirement. Added to that you fancy a couple of holidays per year – after all you’ve worked hard all your life why not?

Sadly to fund even that level of lifestyle you should have been saving at least £1,126 per month for your entire working life and then get the full state pension as well.

So were you?

Ok so let’s stop beating ourselves up.

Most people don’t have adequate pensions, and haven’t saved enough money for a long enough period to be able to retire comfortably, or for any decent length of time.

What can we do?

Well fortunately the government has thrown us a lifeline and the changes in 2015 will enable us to take control of our pension funds and take responsibility and start doing something purposeful and profitable with it – hooray!

Even though many people have now cottoned onto the fact that there’s something happening, most people aren’t really sure what it is and most importantly how the changes will affect them.

So, we have provided you with a series of free reports to help you understand the possibilities available to you and to allow you to prepare.

Report 1. What is a pension and why is there a problem.

Report 2. State pensions – the 100 year mistake.

Report 3. What happened in April 2015 and the possibilities available to you.

Report 4. What you can do about safeguarding your own financial future by creating sustainable wealth for your family and future generations.

Report 5. Now you can retire earlier, with more money and more security by investing in property.

The changes which took place in April 2015 could be a great opportunity for you to take control of you and your family’s financial future.

Wishing you health, wealth and peace of mind.