Carol Robinson

Seminar Speaker & Mentor

Carol Robinson has a true passion for navigating people through the choppy waters of life and property investment to a place of true wealth on their terms. Bringing calm and a sense of achievement to those that choose to take their journey with her.

Carol may come across as a successful entrepreneur, but those that get to work with her see someone that takes every care to nurture the talent, skills and passion so unique to every individual. She is unassuming and just gets on with it, quietly confident in how she can contribute to people achieving what they deserve in life.

This may not be what you expect of a lady whose background predominately includes operating at senior leadership positions in the challenging world of Finance and Banking as a Chartered Accountant. In this crazy, corporate world of over twenty years, she was put into high performer programs that sent her across the world for over 8 years, as well, gathering a whole host of letters after her name. Carol came to her senses and realised it was an empty and siloed world and chose property for the new chapter in her life, a path that could generate true wealth.

She had been investing in properties for 15 years before this epiphany and since that time in 2015, has built a large and diversified portfolio across many property investing, acquisition and development strategies, as well as, using creative financing, particularly helpful when you have no money or have fully deployed the stuff. A lady, that some would say is well diversified, we like to say, a lady with fingers in many property pies.