Lulu Greenhalgh-Jones

Head of Marketing

Lulu joined our ranks in February 2024. Lulu brings a wealth of marketing experience garnered from her tenure in the construction and software industries, she worked across large-scale product launches, rebrands, campaign creation and management, as well as strategy writing and implementation.

Beyond her professional acumen, Lulu’s diverse interests and pursuits enrich our workplace culture. A dedicated sportswoman, she finds solace and challenge in activities ranging from horse riding and rock climbing to trail running and open-water swimming. Her adventurous spirit and passion for the outdoors infuse our office environment with energy and vitality.

Accompanying Lulu is Vesper, her endearing miniature Dachshund who has quickly endeared herself to our team. As our unofficial office mascot, Vesper’s playful demeanor and unwavering loyalty bring joy to all who interact with her. Whether she’s spread eagle on the office floor having an afternoon nap or curled up on someone’s lap during meetings, Vesper epitomises the camaraderie and warmth that define our workplace ethos.