Louise Thorpe

Managing Director

Louise Thorpe Managing Director at Fielding Financial

Louise has built up a career spanning some 30 years in Banking, training, events and diversity. Responsible for some of the Lloyds Bank’s most iconic projects Louise thrives on making a difference and reaching people who would normally be excluded. Author and project manager of Lloyds Bank’s diversity strategy Louise was able to make the Bank more inclusive and supportive to customers with a wide range of service needs.

At Fielding Financial, Louise is the Managing Director and responsible for the Head Office based in Devon. Overseeing all the processes and training preparation, the customer charter and a team of skilled and dynamic employees. Louise is thrilled to be able to genuinely make a real difference to people’s lives through providing the operational backbone to the frontline business.

Louise is married with three children and lives in the lovely town of Dartmouth. She enjoys cooking, sailing and spending time with her family in their beach hut.