Olivia Fenion

Advanced & 3-Day Trainer

Olivia is proud to be one of Gill Fielding’s first second-generation students. After watching her parents build a large property portfolio during the early 2000’s following their training with Gill, she decided to follow in their footsteps. Olivia bought her first property in May 2004, when she had nothing but £9k of student debt and has gone on to invest all over the country.

Olivia has experience both as an Estate Agent and a top-level Mortgage Broker, specialising in portfolio landlords. While property investing is Olivia’s favourite subject, she is also an expert in personal finance and debt reduction. She is passionate about helping others to achieve positive change, particularly with respect to their financial future.

Olivia has been a key member of the Fielding Financial team since the start of 2013 and is an experienced lead speaker at both 3-day and advanced levels.