Tania Carson

Seminar Speaker

I took a leap of faith… now I’m financially free.. you could be too!”

Tania was running her interior design practice for 15  years, before becoming a property investor.

Her journey to becoming a professional property investor started with The Credit Crunch. She noticed that her investor clients were able to ride the storm of  the recession, whilst she struggled and ended up with very little income and drowning in debt. She wondered what she had missed and why she was having such a hard time… she wondered how she could build  a property portfolio to see her through the good and the bad times. She wondered how she could do this when she had no money to invest.

Everything changed when Tania met Gill Fielding and became a member of the Fielding Financial Family. Learning to be a Professional Property Investor changed everything. Using what she learnt she was able to  build a portfolio of HMO properties that has given her financial freedom she dreamt of. She did this with the support and knowledge Fielding Financial gave her and the many friends she has made through them. She did this with none of her own money to invest.

Now, she loves speaking at Fielding Financial Free Property Investing Seminars, informing potential investors of the life changing possibilities available to them.