Do you want to achieve financial freedom so you can give up the day job and jump out of the hamster wheel?

So why haven’t you invested in property? Is it lack of money? Lack of time? Lack of knowledge? Or just procrastination?

The three-day property investing training is designed to give you the confidence and the know-how to get you started as a property investor. Many would-be investors remain on the ‘hamster wheel’ of day-to-day life because they think they lack the money, time or knowledge to make a change. The Fielding Financial three-day training is designed to give anyone the skills, know-how and – just as importantly – the confidence to turn their dreams into reality.

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Our COVID-19 Safety Procedures:

  • All our training venues have been carefully selected and all have COVID-19 procedures in place.
  • Our training rooms will be set up so that each student has their own table which is 1-2m away from other students.
  • You will be provided with your own bottle of water and glass which is for your own use only.
  • Where possible food will be individually wrapped or served separately on it’s own plate. Depending on which venue you are training at lunch will be an individually wrapped sandwich, bento box or a buffet where the food will be served for you.

*Small groups only in line with Government Guidance*

Upcoming Training

12th March 2021 - 14th March 2021 3 Day Property Investing Training – Central London Book Now
26th March 2021 - 28th March 2021 3 Day Property Investing Training – Heathrow Book Now

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During your training you will be introduced to the key principles of property investing

we will show you how you can build a portfolio with ‘no money down’ property investing strategies and how property can produce a healthy return that will put you firmly on the path towards creating a life of financial freedom.

Our 3-Day Property Investing Training days are led by a team of expert trainers, who have each had the spark of financial possibility lit by Gill Fielding. They have each gone through the training and have successfully turned their passion for property into a means of creating wealth, security and financial freedom. Our trainers are experts in a variety of property investing areas from HMO’s (house of multiple occupancy), buy to let’s  holiday rentals (airbnb), student accommodation, commercial investing and developments; you can learn more about our team here.

By the end of this training, our students will be in an enviable position to create that all-important action plan that will separate them from those people who just dream about financial freedom.