I’m a Celebrity Boost!

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here finishes tonight and I have no idea who might win – other than the local trades people as it’s been revealed on the BBC https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-55176807 that the local economy has been boosted by about £1 million!

The owners of the castle where the series is set insisted on the production using local tradespeople for all sorts: loo provision, road surfacing, accommodation and so on and it seems they have benefited by an enormous amount. And good on them I say. Now we may not all be lucky enough to have a TV production turn up on our doorstep but we may have some other project which will enable us to earn more and benefit.

These other projects are often governmental ones: the building of roads, hospitals and schools for instance and we now also have the £4 billion leveling up budget for local renovation and infrastructure schemes. Of course what happens then is that local trades people benefit and then they spend more money with other local providers and eventually the whole local economy grows. Also local property prices also tend to rise as people can mow afford to buy with their new found money and the increased demand moves prices up. It seems there’s a win for everybody.

Let’s hope that the Celebrity team decide not to go back to Australia next year!!

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