Rashford the Remarkable!

We’ve all seen and heard of the fabulous things that Marcus Rashford the footballer is doing for children in poverty, food provision and childhood literacy and it’s fantastic and I personally take my hat off to him. What a shame then that he had to take to twitter last week to defend his investments – in property. And some people have started to make ‘assumptions’ about the money and where it came from and some are even saying that he is benefitting financially from his social campaigns. What complete and utter nonsense!!!

Why is it that some people feel it necessary to attack anyone who tries to make a decent life for themselves – as Rashford said: “I came from little. I need to protect not just my future but my family’s too. To do that I made a decision to start investing more in property”. That’s not an evil act, that’s taking responsibility and doing the right thing. Rashford doesn’t know how long his footballing career will be or how abruptly it may end and so he is taking the clever and responsible steps to set up a financial future to provide immunity for him and his family. Not many of us have the profile and passion to provide meals for hungry children as he has done, but we can all take the same decision to protect ourselves and our financial future by investing in property.

And those who decide to abdicate responsibility and to attack anyone who does their best and does differently are the losers in the end.

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