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3-Day Property Investing Training

The Fielding Financial 3-day training is designed to give anyone the skills, know-how and the confidence to turn their dreams into reality. During your training you will be introduced to the key principles of property investing we will show you how you can build a portfolio with different property investing strategies and how property can produce a healthy return that will put you firmly on the path towards creating a life of financial freedom.

How to Create Wealth Through Property – Free Webinar

New to property investing? This webinar will show you what it REALLY takes to create an income through investing in property!

Elite Mindset for Property Success - 8-Week Coaching Programme

Are you struggling to take your property investing business to the next level? Our NEW 8-week coaching programme will help you overcome common obstacles, form positive habits, and improve your focus. Each week, Vik Singh will address common mindset blocks as well as framework to overcome them through a group face-to-face Zoom meeting, alongside action steps to propel your property investing business forward.

Property Investor Starter Kit 15% Discount

Be prepared and learn to invest the professional way now that the property market is back open with our Property Investing Starter Kit! Our Property Investor Starter Kit includes our online courses ‘How to Maximise Property Viewings’ and ‘Negotiating Property Deals’.

Gill's Wealth Wednesday

Start making better financial decisions today with the proven techniques in Gill’s monthly guides as discussed during her radio appearances with BBC Radio Surrey and Sussex.

Learn to invest in property with our new online courses!

Have you ever thought about investing in property? From Buy-to-Lets, HMO’S, Airbnb to Student Accommodation? Or do you just need a hand monetising a current property investment? Explore our online courses today!

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Cash may be an odd thing to be considering in our current circumstances but there couldn’t be a better time than NOW to get our finances under control. Give yourself a full wealth check as well as a full health check with our top tips!

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3 Day Property Investing Training days by a team of experts

During your training you'll be introduced to the key principles of property investing we will show you how you can build a portfolio with 'no money down' property investing strategies on how property can produce a healthy return that will put your family on the path towards creating the life of financial freedom.

How the property market works

Learn about the different investment options

Become aware of risks and learn to overcome issues


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Costantina Bardis

I Joined Fielding Financial in 2017 it has been an amazing journey, I buddied up with my business partner working on Serviced Accommodation (Airbnb holiday lets) where we managed to get all our strategies in place from property flips, buy to lets to holiday lets.

Ashley John

My “why” is the main thing that keeps me motivated and on track to securing my financial freedom. The Fielding Financial family along with my mentor most definitely keep me on track and accountable to my goal.

Ryan Torrecampo

“In 2016 I joined the Fielding Financial family; I was ready to become a professional property investor and achieve my vision of retiring early. Back then I had no idea how invaluable the training and the financial freedom gained would benefit me and my family.”

Max Rayner

“I started investing professionally at the age of 23. Two years down the line I am now telling my story and it sends tingles down my spine. To think how far I have come in such a short space, how I have developed as a person both personally and professionally and the friends I have made along the way is just crazy!”

Tania Carson

“Since taking the course I have found my wonderful business partner Pam, my super fantastic property pals Nick and Phil… a mastermind group of amazing investor friends and so much more! All of us are financially free and all of us did our training with Fielding!”

Free Property Investment Webinars

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Hosted by our team of property experts, who have created wealth, security and financial freedom through property investing. Our trainers will take you through the ins and outs of the property market from a beginner level to webinars tailored for the more experienced landlord.

Our webinar cover a range of property industry topics such as; how to get started in property, elite mindset for property success, masterminding for female property investors, how to become an airbnb host to sourcing from your desktop to name a few. Find out more by registering to be notified of our upcoming webinars!

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Learn the key components of the negotiating process and how to put them into practice.

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Our comprehensive range of property investing courses provide a valuable resource for all property investors - from the novice to the most experienced. We cover everything from the basics of selecting your investment strategy all the way to advanced tax issues.

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'Lighting the spark of financial possibility for as many people as I can get into my lifetime' - Gill Fielding


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