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Fielding Financial was founded by Secret Millionaire Gill Fielding with the purpose of helping everyone, no matter what their background, to understand the principles behind the achievement of financial freedom, and to learn how to manage and improve their financial position. 

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5 Entrepreneurial Tips For Avoiding the Boardroom
5 Entrepreneurial Tips For Avoiding the Boardroom
At Fielding Financial we are big fans of the BBC’s Apprentice! We particularly like how it shows a good balance between the struggle and challenge of success on one hand, and the possibility and jo... Continue Reading
5 Essential Tips for Property Design
Struggling to attract the right tenants?Through our top 5 essential tips on creating attractive interior design for property investing, you will pick up tricks of the trade in creating suitable but... Continue Reading
Gill’s 5-month Financial Forecast
Gill’s 5-month Financial Forecast
Gill’s 5-month Financial Forecast   As September is closing I’ve now taken stock of where I am, and what I’ve achieved so far:I’ve manged in a few months to get all my little bits and bobs of pe... Continue Reading
The Pound Coin
£1 coins The deadline for spending old round £1 coins is fast approaching – after Sunday 15 October they’ll no longer be legal tender. But before you rush to get rid of your old coins, turn ’em ove... Continue Reading