How to Purchase a Buy-to-Let Online Course


Do you want to learn how to buy your first investment property, but not sure how to get started?

Our home study online course is the perfect place to learn everything you need to know so that you can confidently take your first steps.

Hosted by property expert, Gill Fielding, you will have access to a wealth of knowledge and experience to invest in your first property successfully.

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Are you keen to take your first step into property investment and purchase your first buy-to-let property? Whether you want to create a pension pot for your future, generate an additional income, or just know that investing your savings in property will guarantee a better rate than the bank, it is important to get educated before you get started.

That’s why we’ve created this online course, to help aspiring investors to take the first steps with a helping hand. The course is split into 6 easy-to-follow modules, so that you can fit your learning around your busy schedule and commitments and learn at a pace that suits you. You will have lifetime access to the course and worksheets so that you can refer back to the training throughout your first investment property purchase.

This online course is for you if you want to learn how to:

  • Choose an area to buy your first investment property
  • Avoid common pitfalls and costly mistakes
  • Find a suitable property that will provide you with a good return on your investment
  • Analyse potential properties to understand your monthly cashflow and return on investment
  • Build confidence to attend viewings and negotiate with estate agents
  • Use different options to fund your investment
  • Invest in property from a distance
  • Ensure you comply with important rules, regulations and legislation as a landlord

So what are you waiting for? Take your first steps and enrol today!

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The free seminar is your introduction to investing in property safely and securely. Our experienced faculty will teach you the basics of buy-to-let, HMOs, and much more…

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3 Day Course

Attend a 3-Day Training to take your property investing portfolio to the next level. We’ll give you the confidence and knowledge to build a strategy that works for you and tach you how to avoid the common pitfalls and risks.

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2 Year Course

Our 2-Year Course will take you from property novice to expert. Get the training, support and knowledge you need to grow your portfolio and business exponentially.

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What other students have said

Elma Short

January 30, 2019

What an awesome journey. A huge thank you to everyone who helped us along the way. Here comes the Oscar speech!!!

Max Rayner

September 29, 2020

“I started investing professionally at the age of 23. Two years down the line I am now telling my story and it sends tingles down my spine. To think how far I have come in such a short space, how I have developed as a person both personally and professionally and the friends I have made along the way is just crazy!”

Eranga Gunawardena

January 30, 2019

Through a consistent approach of taking action Ruwani and I have managed to jump out of our Hamster Wheels and follow our passions.

Shirish Jirapure

I feel really excited as a new student. The family is so welcoming.  I love the Facebook page where everyone can ask for help and advice. Plus the helpdesk

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