We aim to ensure that the content of the Programme is accurate is consistent with our current knowledge and practice. However, tax government and investment limits are subject to change and data and information referred to in the Programme is used for illustrative and educational purposes only. By signing this disclaimer, you acknowledge and accept that:

i)           All material, information and/or advice made available to you during the course of the provision of the Programme (or otherwise howsoever) is provided for your information only and may not be construed as financial or investment advice or instruction. No part of the Programme is a recommendation as to how to invest in any product, property or other investment opportunity. Nor have the Services and/or any Materials been evaluated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), or any authorised Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) or any other Government or financial body in any country. The Programme (or any part of it) does not supersede any advice given by the FCA or any authorised IFA;

ii)          The Programme is based on our own research and experiences. The Programme is to be used for illustrative and/or educational purposes only;

iii)         The Programme is not tailored to your personal circumstances or requirements;

iv)         You should not rely on the Programme as a means for generating income, improving your investment portfolio, improving your personal finances and/or reducing/paying your debts. You should (and it is your responsibility to) consult with an IFA or other independent and appropriately qualified financial advisor BEFORE making ANY investment or financial commitment or decision;

v)          We (nor any of our officers, employees, consultants, agents and/or representatives) do not provide financial advice, investment advice or financial/investment services of any kind;

vi)         We make no promises, assurances, warranties and/or representations that the Programme (or any part of it) will serve to generate income, increase your wealth/capital worth, improve your investment portfolio or personal circumstances or assist with reducing/paying your debts. We make no promises, assurances, warranties and/or representations that any of the Programme (or any part of it) will be fit for any particular purpose or that the Programme (or any part of it) will be accurate or complete;

vii)        The Programme is not a substitute for the consultation and/or advice provided by your IFA or other independent and appropriately qualified financial advisor;

viii)        You must not rely on the Programme as an alternative to financial/investment advice and (subject to clause 9.2 of Our Terms and Conditions of Service) we expressly disclaim all responsibility for, and shall have no liability for, any damage, loss, expense, injury or liability whatsoever suffered by you or any third party as a result of your reliance on the Programme;

ix)         If you have any specific questions or concerns about any financial/investment matter, you should consult your IFA or your independent and appropriately qualified financial advisor as soon as possible;

x)          You will not delay seeking or disregard financial/investment advice or discontinue any financial/investment services you are being provided by any third party because you are attending the Programme.


Our responsibility for claims relating to third parties

During the provision of the Programme, you may meet:

(a)         Independent third parties who are not affiliated with us and for whom we are not responsible; and/or

(b)         Our speakers, mentors, other agents and/or sub-contractors.

These individuals may offer to provide or provide you with investment opportunities, investment products, business opportunities and/or networking clubs which they offer independent of us and for which we have no responsibility and which are not part of the Programme (“Third Party Offerings“).

We do not endorse or recommend any such Third Party Offerings and, to the fullest extent permitted by law, we disclaim all and any liability for any promises, assurances, warranties and/or representations made to you by those third parties (whether express or implied) concerning any Third Party Offerings and/or any contracts they enter into with you. You are not entitled to rely on any statements, representations or assertions made by any third party claiming our sponsorship, approval or endorsement of that third party or of their Third Party Offerings. Any decision made by you to participate in or purchase any Third Party Offering: (a) is between you and that third party; (b) is made at your own risk; and (c) is not our responsibility. You agree to release and hold us (including our officers, directors, employees, servants, sub-contractors and/or agents) harmless against any claims, losses, costs, liabilities, damages and/or expenses (including professional fees and expenses) arising from or in connection with your participation in or purchase of any Third Party Offering.


The Programme will be recorded and you confirm that any film or audio recording taken of the Programme, which features you, may be used in connection with any products made or offered for sale by Fielding Financial Family Limited.