Connor MacLeod

Director of Business

Connor MacLeod

Personal Background

Connor MacLeod, our dynamic Director of Business, brings a wealth of experience from the construction, welding, and engineering industries. Having built multiple multi-million-pound businesses, Connor now channels his expertise into managing his property investments and spearheading business development at Fielding Financial. 

Professional Experience

Connor’s career is marked by significant achievements, including launching his first business at 23 and reaching a £1 million turnover in the first year. His notable projects include Gatwick Pier 1, The Scalpel, Bloomberg, and various prestigious museums and MOD buildings. Specializing in property investing, business development, and instilling confidence, Connor aims to guide students in building successful property portfolios.

Role at Fielding Financial

At Fielding Financial, Connor focuses on business development, marketing, and delivering exceptional student experiences. He envisions Fielding Financial as a leading education service, fostering a competitive environment where students thrive. Connor’s hands-on approach ensures personalized guidance for students, helping them achieve their property goals.

Personal Insights

Driven by a passion for success and a desire to see others win, Connor believes in working hard behind the scenes to achieve outstanding results. Inspired by figures like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Denzel Washington, he champions dedication and teamwork. Outside of work, Connor enjoys racing, boxing, and has a passion for cars and motorbikes. He is also involved in community service, coaching children in boxing and supporting charities like Demelza and the Air Ambulance.

Future Outlook

Connor is excited about enhancing the student experience at Fielding Financial and leveraging future trends in property investing. He aims to dissolve barriers to property and financial education, bringing younger entrepreneurs into the field and providing early education to the upper population for better retirement planning.

Message to Students

“I am here to support your goals and achievements. Your success drives us to continually improve the Fielding Financial educational experience. If you have a deal, idea, or need assistance, let’s connect.”

Contact Information:

Preferred Method of Communication: Email (

Mobile: 07595042746 (for instant communication via WhatsApp)