Derek Saunders

Director of Strategic Planning and Success

derek saunders

Personal Background

Derek Saunders, our Director of Strategic Planning and Success, brings extensive knowledge of business management from a global perspective. His expertise spans general business management and wealth creation, having built several multi-million-pound businesses and an extensive property portfolio. Derek’s career has taken him across Australia, Africa, South America, and Europe, aiding companies worldwide. Now settled in the UK, he has chosen to work within the Financial Services sector and to contribute his expertise to the training world, aiming to give back and foster new talent.

Professional Experience

With a driven passion for management consulting, Derek holds a Global MBA and is a fully qualified mortgage broker and insurance consultant. He has built three successful brokerages and a management consultancy specializing in lean manufacturing and customer satisfaction. Derek has significantly impacted his clients, helping some increase their asset holdings from £100m to over £500m. His notable clients have greatly benefited from his strategic guidance and expertise.

Role at Fielding Financial

At Fielding Financial, Derek’s primary focus is on strategic planning and student success. His main goal is to ensure each student is successful, living by the mantra “quality through excellence.” Derek emphasizes goal setting and planning, believing that “those that fail to plan, plan to fail.” His approach combines goal planning, mentorship, coaching, and strategic planning to foster not only successful businesses but also successful individuals.

Personal Insights

Outside his professional achievements, Derek has a wide range of interests. He has been helping people in the financial services sector for 20 years. A dog lover and passionate cook, Derek is an accomplished chef and enjoys hosting large barbecues as an expert Pit Master, often with his two Westies by his side. He has a keen interest in rugby, frequently attending international matches. As a family man with three children, Derek also has a passion for exotic cars and has built relationships with senior members of prestige brands, attending various high-level events throughout the UK and Europe.

Future Outlook

Derek is enthusiastic about his role at Fielding Financial and is eager to implement new and innovative ideas to help students achieve financial freedom and success. He aims to encourage practical learning, ensuring students set realistic and achievable goals within a set timescale.

Message to Students

“My goal is to ensure that you become financially successful through goal setting, coaching, education, and mentoring.”