Reasons Why Buy To Let Properties Are A Good Investment


At various points in life, you may be considering different ways that you can invest money for you and your family. It is important to note that some investments are riskier than others, and some are much more complex. Of course, when investing for the first time, ideally you’d like something relatively straightforward, so for this reason, many people decide to invest in property. 

It goes without saying that people have been investing in properties for many years now and lots of these people choose to invest on a ‘buy to let’ basis. This continues to be an incredibly popular and successful way to invest money. If you’re researching into this and you’re wondering why buy to let is a good investment, keep reading today. The team here at Fielding Financial have put together a list of reasons why every family should consider investing in properties of this kind. 

They are a long term investment

Many people choose buy to let properties over other types of investments simply because they can be a brilliant long term option. Unlike other options you may be considering, you can continue to build on your buy to let property investment over many years and lots of people increase the number of properties that they own over time. It isn’t uncommon for people to turn to buy to let properties when they have young children, as it is an investment they know will grow as their children do. 

An easy way to make money 

There is no denying that there is such a huge need for homes here in the UK and the demand for rented properties remains strong, therefore, you can almost guarantee that you won’t have a problem letting out the properties that you choose to purchase. However, of course, depending on the location of your investment the return you make can be dramatically different so, as long as you’re smart about this then, it should be an easy way to make money for you and your family.

Earn profit in two ways 

Once you invest in a buy to let property, unlike other forms of investment, you can actually go on to earn a profit in two different ways. The first way is ‘rental yield’ which is the money that your tenants will pay in rent, minus any maintenance and running costs. The second way you can make money is ‘capital growth’ and this is the profit that you earn on your property if you go on to sell it for more than you paid in the first place. You may be surprised how much you can go on to make in capital growth, especially if you put time and care into the property. 

You don’t have to do everything yourself 

Often people avoid investing in buy to let properties simply because of the ‘hassle’ they have looking after tenants. However, nowadays, this isn’t something that you always have to handle by yourself. There are lots of different independent management companies that can help with the day-to-day management of properties and this can be incredibly helpful, especially if you choose to invest in multiple buy to let properties. So, don’t let the thought of looking after tenants put you off. 

Investing in buy to let properties 

It is clear to see why so many people choose to invest in buy to let properties and it is worth considering whether this is something that you could do. Don’t worry, if you don’t know anything about this type of investment, there are lots of different property courses that you can take to help you in this regard. 

Here at Fielding Financial, we can provide you with courses to help you get to grips with buy to let investments. It really is something that everyone can do and that people should consider more often. To find out more about how to invest in buy to let property courses, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today and a member of our experienced team will gladly assist you further. 

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